About this Domain

I'm Ainna, and you're at my listings collective—a digital hub for all the tiny, joinable online tributes I've made. All subjects here are approved by and listed at The Fanlistings and The Anime Fanlistings networks, fan communities of which I have been a member since 2002.

Building small hobby websites is my brand of fun—most likely because I grew up in a time when one's online presence had to be built from scratch—and this domain serves as my online studio and playground. I specialize in niche microsites, from directories and fanlistings to one-page dedication sites, that allow me to put up pretty layouts for my enjoyment. Creatively, webdesign has afforded me a creative escape and an intimate alternative to the mindless, templated content most SNSs provide.

You can learn a little bit more about me here. In case it isn't obvious, I am currently very much into the K-Pop supergroup Bangtan Sonyeondan (BTS), whom I have been faithfully stanning since February 2020.

minty.NU [2020-present] is the fifth iteration of my collective, generously hosted by LEPRD SPACE since 2017. I previously owned beatifique.org [2008-2013], koishii.org [2017-2018], northstar.nu [2019-2023], and hakanai.net [2019-2023].

Current layout features BTS' Jimin, as this design was put up on the week of his 28th birthday. Jimin's solo song "Like Crazy" was the first ever song by a Korean artist to top the Billboard Hot 100 Chart in its debut week. ♥ There's a tiny pun on the header when I put a barely-perceptible "ji" before "minty"—ergo, "(ji)minty." 😅 Disclaimers and resources can be found at The Fine Print.