About Me

I'm Ainna (she/her · 6w9 · millennial · 🇵🇭), a collector and webdesign hobbyist. I am a coffee junkie, a , a , and a lover of . As I'm a 🌧 pluviophile, it should be no surprise that my element is water. The Sorting Hat also placed me under Ravenclaw. I've also been a card-carrying member of the BTS💜ARMY since February 2020, but more on that below.

Interests: animation · anime/manga · detective shows · sitcoms and stand-up comedy · canon (mostly het) ships · fanfiction & doujinshi · BTS (Borahae!)

I treat fan spaces as a form of escape to de-stress. I'm a hopeless romantic and tend to be ship-focused in the fandoms I engage in, most of them het (NL) and canon (yes, how boring, I know lol). I do have some BL and GL ships I adore, too, canon or otherwise. I have been reading fanfiction on various platforms since 1997, and I still indulge in these fan-written stories on an almost daily basis. I also used to commission art from online fanartists, and I also collect doujinshi from the circles/mangaka I like.

Fandoms I have actively engaged in at some point in my life: YYH · IY · WK · BLEACH · CP · JQ:TRA · HP (Harmony) · MCU (T/P) · VLD (Sheith) · BTS (YoonMin)

I've been in various fandoms over the decades, but currently I'm very much into BTS—I've been a full-fledged ARMY (complete with the fanclub kit & ID card) since their album Map of the Soul:7 dropped in early 2020, and most of my spare time is spent just immersing myself in their content. As if spending money on domains isn't enough, I also throw away my hard-earned cash on Bangtan merch and collectibles: I have a more-than-adequate collection of their album, DVD, BR, and rare photocards and postcards. ^^;